Our app allows you to shop with ease and convenience. Simply use your phone as a barcode scanner! This makes shopping quick, easy and contactless.



How to use?

  1. Download the app.
  2. Add your details to the app.
  3. Connect your Aitäh loyalty card with the app or create a virtual loyalty card.
  4. Use your phone as a barcode scanner in our stores.
  5. Scan your items and pay conveniently at a self-service or regular checkout.
  6. See our deals of the week in the app.
  7. Think and act eco-friendly – switch to digital receipts in the app.
  8. You can check your Aitäh bonus money balance in the app and use it when needed.
  9. Shake your phone and send us your feedback.

Happy shopping!

Phone is your scanner
Card payment option
Digital check option
Virtual AITÄH loyalty card
Best offers


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