Vacant rental spaces

MAXIMA’s regions and contacts:

Real Estate ManagerReal Estate Manager 
Anna DoguzovaIrina Vill 
mob: +372 55566579mob: tel +372 55567054 
(Tallinn, Harjumaa, Lääne-Eesti)(Tallinn, Harjumaa, Ida-Virumaa) 


MAXIMA Eesti OÜ rents out commercial spaces in the following stores by way of competition:

 Store formatCityAddressSizeAvailability
T740XXXPärnuRiia mnt 131257 m2vacant
T740XXXPärnuRiia mnt 13184.2 m2vacant
T740XXXPärnuRiia mnt 13153.3 m2vacant
T740XXXPärnuRiia mnt 13142.4 m2vacant
T740XXXPärnuRiia mnt 13134.8 m2vacant
T740XXXPärnuRiia mnt 13127 m2vacant
T530XXTartuVõru tn 55f21.7 m2vacant
T560XXKuressaareTallinna mnt 6454 m2vacant
T254XKiiliVaela tee 4122.5 m2vacant
T242XTüriViljandi 10, 1217.72 m2vacant
T242XTüriViljandi 10, 1258.2 m2vacant
T202XMaarduKeemikute 3725.2 m2vacant
T202XMaarduKeemikute 3786.4 m2vacant
T227XKohtla-JärveKesk-Allee 1250.7 m2vacant
T252XMaarduAltmetsa 1/Muuga 11034 m2vacant
T278XTallinnVabaduse pst 128150 m2vacant
T278XTallinnVabaduse pst 128135 m2vacant
T263XTallinnMustamäe tee 12120 m2vacant
T264XTallinnMustamäe tee 1299.4 m2vacant


To participate in the competition, please submit a price quote and a brief introduction of your company to the address