Park with the app

Maxima app users can park their vehicle for free with the app in the following stores (the time limit in the parking lots is different):

  • Maxima XXX, Ehitajate tee 148, Tallinn
  • Maxima XXX, Linnamäe tee 57, Tallinn
  • Maxima XX, Paepargi 57, Tallinn
  • Maxima XX, Smuuli 9, Tallinn
  • Maxima XX, Tammsaare 133, Tallinn
  • Maxima XX, Vilde tee 75/77, Tallinn
  • Maxima XX, Õismäe tee 46, Tallinn
  • Maxima X, Õismäe tee 88, Tallinn
  • Maxima X, Kiili 18, Tallinn

NB! Start parking right at your vehicle, before going to the store! That way you are sure that parking has started on time.


Instructions for the first user:

  1. Open the Maxima mobile app
  2. Select More from the menu bar
  3. Open Settings in the list
  4. Select Automatic parking, then Add vehicle and enter the vehicle registration number
  5. Parking starts when you press the "Scan & Go" function

Instructions for repeat user:

Once the vehicle is added to the app, the app will find the right parking lot itself and parking will start automatically every time you press the "Scan & Go" function in the app. The time limit for free parking is given in the parking conditions of the corresponding EuroPark area.



Customer Privacy

We only share the vehicle registration number with the parking service provider Europark. Maxima does not process data in any other way.


Client support

For questions related to parking with the app, please contact customer support, 8002121 or