Contact details of purchasing managers

Our category managers are responsible for Maxima's product range and the delivery of goods to stores. They also conclude supply contracts with manufacturers-importers and conduct price negotiations. If you would like your products and goods to be available at MAXIMA, please contact:


Fresh Food Unit ManagerJekaterina Lomaš 
Category ManagerKristel LillemaaKristel.Lillemaa@maxima.eeCanned fish, canned meat; meat products
Category ManagerKsenia SokolovaKsenia.Sokolova@maxima.eeDairy products and other food such as margarine, mayonnaise; vegan dairy products (UHT plant-based products)
Category ManagerKätlin KaljusaarKatlin.Kaljusaar@maxima.eeFrozen vegetables and baked goods, ice cream, frozen fruits, berries, mushrooms
Category ManagerJulia JuhnoJulia.Juhno@maxima.eeCulinary, pastry, bakery products, grilled food
Category ManagerNikita SmirnovNikita.Smirnov@maxima.eeFrozen and unfrozen fish and fish products; eggs
Category ManagerAnastassija MensakovaAnastassija.Mensakova@maxima.eeFrozen and chilled poultry and meat; vegan products
Head of the Fruit and Vegetable UnitElis​ 
Category ManagerOksana PanfilovOksana.Panfilov@maxima.eeFruits, berries
Category ManagerDaniil FedorenkoDaniil.Fedorenko@maxima.eeVegetables
Category ManagerKirill KrolovKirill.Krolov@maxima.eeFlowers and plant care
Category ManagerAure Talvar Aure.Talvar@maxima.eeDry ingredients, nuts, oils, baking accessories
Category ManagerValeri DmitrijevValeri.Dmitrijev@maxima.eeCanned vegetables and fruits, honey, sauces, kеtchup, mustard, horseradish, spices, baby food, ethnic cuisine
Category ManagerAnneli PohgaAnneli.Pohga@maxima.eeWine, sparkling wine, (including fortified wine) and non-alcoholic beers, wines, sparkling wines, ciders
Industrial Goods UnitJana 
Category ManagerJulia AnguJulia.Angu@maxima.eeCleaning supplies, automotive goods, work and garden tools, batteries, bulbs, electrical household appliances, computer and audio-visual accessories
Category ManagerKarel MäekalaKarel.Maekala@maxima.eeToys, sports and leisure items, grill items, office supplies
Category ManagerAnastassia KarpuhhinaAnastassia.Karpuhhina@maxima.eeTableware, home textiles, materials for cooking and food protection, accessories for pets, and toys for pets.
Category ManagerAnastasia BorzenkovaAnastasia.Borzenkova@maxima.eeCandles, home decor, party supplies, flower pots, slippers, periodicals, books, furniture, travel accessories
Category ManagerAljona JudinAljona.Judin@maxima.eeWomen's and men's and children's/baby clothes, underwear, sleepwear, socks, tights, clothing accessories
Group Manager for Consumer Goods and BeveragesEdgar 
Category ManagerKadri KarusKadri.Karus@maxima.eeCosmetics
Category ManagerJuri BrotkinJuri.Brotkin@maxima.eeBeer, cider, mild alcohol, water, juices, non-alcoholic carbonated drinks
Category ManagerIlva UtaneIlva.Utane@maxima.eeSpirits, tobacco products
Category ManagerKristiina KozelkovaKristiina.Kozelkova@maxima.eeFrozen and unfrozen fish and fish products; frozen vegetables and baked goods, eggs, ice cream, fruits, berries, mushrooms 
Category ManagerOlga SokkoOlga.Sokko@maxima.eeCoffee, tea, pet food
Category ManagerKristina TammKristina.Tamm@maxima.eeSweets