General questions about using the application

Make sure you have enabled Wi-Fi or mobile data on your phone. An active internet connection is required for the app to work.

Shake your phone and fill in the feedback from. Or in application section “More“, please choose „Help and feedback“ and fill out the troubleshooting form or call our free customer service 800 2121 (from Mon-Fri 8.00-17.00). 

Check your location settings in the Google Play app. The application can be used in Estonia. Google Play – account – preferences.

Yes, using MAXIMA mobile application is safe because:

  • You can use the security code or fingerprint scanning to activate the application;
  • all data related to payment cards is encrypted.

It is recommended to protect the application with a security code to ensure the protection of the personal data contained in the application, also the security code is required when a payment card is added to the phone. You can not confirm the payment without the security code.

Yes, you can by clicking “More“ -> “Settings“ -> “Security code“ -> “Use when opening the application“. For paying with app you can not.

If you enter an incorrect security code multiple times in a row, you will not be able to log in for a period of 10 minutes. After this time, try entering the security code again. If you have forgotten your security code, you can use the "Forgot my security code" reminder function in the login section.

After scanning items.

You should check your privacy settings and enable camera access for the MAXIMA app.

If the application is allowed to access the camera but it’s still not possible to scan the QR code, check the brightness setting of the phone screen and increase it to 100%.

Adjust the "Auto-lock" or "Screen stand-by" features in your phone's display settings.

Location detection is required for the positioning in which store are you shopping and for us to be able to send location-based notifications (if you have agreed to receive notifications).

Data in the mobile application is updated every 30-35 minutes. Please check back later.

Check in the app if the digital receipts are allowed.

Yes, you can. Select “More“– “AITÄH profile“ – “Digital receipt“ – and choose the option you like.


When entering a store, open the app and press the "Skänni ja Kõnni" button. Confirm the location of store and start shopping!

To add a product, click on the "Add product" button and scan the EAN code of the product you want to add to your shopping cart. If you want to remove a product from the shopping cart, click the "Remove product" button and last scanned product will be removed. If you want to remove a previously added product, click on the "Remove product" button and scan the EAN code of the product that needs to be removed. To finish shopping, click "Finish" and head to the self-checkout or regular checkout.

You can pay at the self-checkout or regular checkout. At the regular checkout, you have to tell the cashier that you want to pay for app purchases. At the self-service checkout, simply click on the “Pay for app purchases”. The QR code will then be displayed and after scanning it, your entire shopping cart will be displayed on the register screen. Follow the on-screen instructions and choose your preferred payment method.


You can create a virtual AITÄH card and become a participant of the loyalty program inside the app.

Virtual AITÄH card is our loyalty card in an electronic form and has the same features as a physical AITÄH card.

Yes, you can use the app only as a loyalty card carrier without adding a bank card.

No, your virtual AITÄH card can be used with only one mobile phone.

Yes, you can.

No, you can’t own multiple AITÄH loyalty cards.

All offers in “AITÄH“ app section are shown in two columns, but they are identical across all our channels.

Yes, you can use your MAXIMA money as usual.


  • Secure internet shopping is not enabled for your card. Log in to your internet banking site and make sure that “Secure internet shopping” feature is enabled for your card. 
  • The card issuer is not located in one of three Baltic states. 
  • The card does not meet our security requirements. 
  • Your card is expired. 

No. You can add only one payment card.

  1. Cards that don’t meet our security requirements, i.e. the card issuer does not require login passwords and/or security or PIN codes for authentication. 
  2. The card issuer is not located in one of three Baltic states. 
  3. Cards, that don’t have secure internet shopping feature. 

Check if your card number is embossed (printed in embossed lettering). If not, enter the card information manually.

If the card you added is not visible in “Wallet“ section, it is recommended to log out from the app “More” > “AITÄH profile” > “Log out“ and then log in again. Your card should now be visible.


It’s Your payment card limit.

Third party services, lottery tickets, event tickets and gift cards. Detailed list is show under application terms of use. (“More“ > “Terms of use“ > “App terms of use“).

The system fault has occurred that prevents the application from operating properly. In this case, turn off the application completely (do not let the application run in the background) and turn it on again. If this happens again, choose another payment method and try using the app later.

  • If the payment process is completed, it needs to be checked, if “successful payment” window is closed in “Checkout” section. 
  • Or you need to click on “Close” and all functions will work properly again; 
  • Or customer must restart the application and log in again. All functions should now work properly. If the same problem occurs, it should be reported via e-mail at

If a crossed-out payment method is visible at the checkout, it means that there are no payment cards connected with your mobile application and the payment is not possible. If you want to pay with the app, connect your payment card in the "Wallet" section of the app.

If the cash register didn’t print a receipt or it isn’t available in the app, the payment was not made, and the money has not been deducted from your account. If the money was deducted twice, please contact our customer service at 800 2121 or via e-mail

After scanning the QR code and waiting for the payment being processed, only the "Promotions" menu can be viewed. Other menu items such as "Personalised offers" and "Wallet" are not available at the time of payment, as the information related to these sections is being processed and transmitted to the server.